Amplify Apparel presents the SS15 Collection LEGEND. The Canadian sky shimmers with stars and becomes drenched with layers of vivid colors. Flowing lights dance across the vast expanse to illuminate the darkness, creating cosmic ambiance for the tales which are painted across the starry sky. LEGEND finds inspiration among the stars, each look from the collection is based on a unique constellation. The intensity, beauty and ferociousness of the Canadian wilderness is captured within this collection through a focus on wire sculpture, color palette and mixed media. LEGEND brings to life the uninhibited energy of the wild!

Feature collection WILDFIRE is opulent, earthy, vibrant and based on everyone's favourite show Game of Thrones!! Represented in this ecstatic collection is House Stark, House Lannister, House Tragaryen, House Martell and the Crows on The Wall. Runway performance features fire performances by Scarlet Black and Erica Furness


Amplify Apparel Spring/Summer 2014 collection is entitled Armour. Armour is used to protect oneself from a dangerous environment or action. With this collection I wanted to combine classic with unexpected materials to showcase the raw versus the refined. Each look encompasses high fashion glamour with a modern edge. I created characters which each represent a different side of the human psyche that is drawn to the surface depending on the challenges we are faced with in our day to day lives. Characters of the collection are "The Peasant", "The Princess", "The Bard", "The Medic", "The Whore", "The Jester", "The Traveller", "The Thief", "The Dragon", "The Warrior", "The Sorceress", "The Nun", "The Queen" and "The King".